Saturday, August 13, 2011

Christmas in July

HAHAHA.. I cant even look at these pictures without laughing. My moms birthday is July 19 th and last year we surprised her birthday and dressed up in 80's clothes because it is her favorite decade. This year we surprised her and dressed up in Christmas clothes because its her favorite holiday. She had no clue we were doing it again. We even put out christmas decorations and wrapped all of her gifts in christmas paper. It makes it so much more fun to go out to dinner (at Tepanyaki's this year) dressed like loony birds!!

here is us last year
hahah she was shocked and didnt even know I had purchased a HORRIBLE green dress for her to wear to dinner
SURPRISE.... there it is!! Thank you D.I.

hahahahhah CADEN is going to kill me because i MADE him wear these because it was hilarious... hahahah. EHHHH... He made it so much for fun. LOVE YOU CADEN :) (and yes... he does wear garments... he has just had to hike them up a little in both pictures to pull of these great outfits....)

Sunday, July 10, 2011 favorite moments...

I seem to NOT have my camera when I need it most. I always have my phone though so I usually have my most favorite pictures on it! Its the most precious and sometimes hilarious things that I just take a quick snap of! I just figured out a way to get my pictures onto my computer from my cell phone and they are all random but some so precious and some just hilarious! I cleaned all of the photos out of my phone last night and thought I'd post a few of my favorite! I guess its like a recap of our last 6 months....

haha wow this picture kills me. i cant get it to flip but i cant help but put it on anyways!! this was our christmas attire for the Hyers family party. hahah Caden did a great job and won the prize for the best outfit--- even though it was a nasty knitted christmas tree from the D.I. he still was pretty proud!!

Grandma Peggy sewed this little blanket for Hadlee and she LOVES it.. I had no idea that she would get attached to something that quick. She loves holding onto it and rubbing it all over her face when she is tired.

This was just lastnight.. I was watching a little thing on HLN about Caylee Anthony and the outrage on the outcome of the trial and I noticed Hadlee was watching it so closely which was so funny because there werent even bright colors. When I took the picture is right when her eyes got big... SO hilarious. I think most of us did this when we heard the verdict as well.

Hadlees bed. SPOILED. but worth it

she looked so much like Caden this day..

her hair one morning

the day she got her 2 month shots! she was such a good girl

taking a nap on me

as soon as we got our new stroller caden set it all up and pushed it around.. he couldnt wait to have a baby in it

hadlee her first time in her bumbo. it looked so funny

the infamous pop tart that burned cadens hand.. OH MY HECK...

tiny hadlee a few days after we brought her home

i made caden carry a microwave to our room at the grand america-- yes through the lobby :) just so that we could have popcorn and melt chocolate for chocolate covered strawberries! he said he felt white trash.. i LOVED it

my uncles horse was pregnant for almost the exact time i was. she had her baby over memorial day weekend though because horses are pregnant longer than humans (glad im not a horse) this was the day it was born.. and yes its named after me! i was so glad i was in idaho when the colt came.

hadlees FAVORITE thing to do.. she watches MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE. It started when she was 6 weeks old and I couldnt believe it! This was the first time we noticed how intrigued she was by the show. I was worried then but now its nice to have an extra half hour to get things done.

We have obviously had such a fun 6 months and we have been so blessed to have Hadlee to create all of our fun memories with!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

...3 months...

Wow!! Time is going sooooo quick. Hadlee was 3 months old on July 5th. She is the highlight of everyday for us and the most wonderful blessing. Its so fun to see how quick she grows and to watch every change. She has such a sweet personality. We love her so much!

Thanks again to the Kara Elmore for the fun stickers :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

.. A 2011 CFO of the Year...

 As much as I know my Dad didnt want this to be a public thing.. I still think this was an honorable award and since I use my blog as a journal... sorry Dad.... I AM POSTING IT :). Besides that its easily found on the internet so hahahah.. ehh :)

My Dad was given the award as one of Utah's top CFO's of the Year. He was recognized at a luncheon at the Little America Hotel on June 29th. What a great accomplishment... good job Dad!

Here is a news article found in the Utah Business magazine:

2011 CFO of the Year Honorees Recognized

by Candace Little

07 July 2011—

Utah Business magazine honored its CFOs of the Year at a luncheon held Wednesday, June 29. It’s been said that a leader is only as good as the people they surround themselves with, and having a good CFO in this economic and increased regulatory environment is truly priceless for any company.

The individuals recognized do more for their companies than balance accounting spreadsheets. They are humble, delegate, and are active partners with the top-level management, helping make key decisions and bringing company goals closer in sight.

These honorees are usually not the ones in the spotlight—as Larry Worrell, CFO of Big-D Construction said upon accepting his award, “As a bean counter, accountant, CPA and CFO I’m a back-office, stay-out-of-the-limelight kind of guy.” He said when he first heard the message saying he’d won an award, his first thought was to call the “known practical jokers” in his company to get the story. Many CFOs accepted the award not for themselves, but on behalf of their team. Gordon Holladay, CFO of SME Steel said, “Having a good team is critical to our success at SME.”

Being able to delegate is key to any leadership position, and that’s no exception with the various hats a CFO wears for their organization. Mitch Tibbitts, CFO of MountainStar Healthcare said he even tried to delegate his speaking responsibilities when he found out he would be saying a few words at the event. “In true CFO fashion, I’ve been trying to figure out how to delegate this,” he said. As did many CFO’s of the year, he thanked his wife and family for supporting him. “I’ve got my CEO at home taking care of business,” he said.

A complete 2011 CEO of the Year list is below. For more detail on each of these recipients, see our June 2011 issue.

David A. Kwant, Mountain America Credit Union
Scott E. Westra, Workers Compensation Fund
Brian Hall, Kilgore Companies, LLC
Gordon Holladay, SME Steel
Kent B. Forsgren, Spring Retail Group
Jim Madsen, Deer Valley Resort
Wolfgang T. N. Muelleck, People’s Utah Bancorp
Mark Eugene Whiting, Lifetime Products
Larry Worrell, Big-D Construction
Patrick Keenan, Kennecott Utah Copper
Brandon T. O’Brien, ZAGG, Inc.
Mitch Tibbitts, MountainStar Healthcare

Thursday, June 30, 2011

ymmm..... ymmm

Whenever I hold Hadlee and have a sucker in my mouth she always seems so intrigued. Today she gave me THIS look:

SO... I probably shouldnt have introduced this sweet treat this early BUT I couldnt resist. Its like she knows what shes missing out on! SO... I did this

She sucked on it for a second and just drooled it all out... because I could tell she really wasnt swallowing it I let her hold it BUT she quickly found where her mouth was

OOOOPS!! She loved it.. THEN she got way excited and lost her mouth....

and pooped her pants!!!!!

HAHAHAHA Hadlee is SO fun.. I love all of these fun stages she is going through even when she ruins her new white onesies. We love her so much!! No more suckers for a while though!

...precious moment...

Casey and Alisa (Cadens brother and wife) had their baby on June 23rd. Her name is Ruby and she is adorable! We went to visit and meet Ruby on Monday. Hadlee looked so big next to her ... it was SOO crazy to see how much Hadlee has grown. She was even smaller than Ruby when she was born. Casey had been taking cute pictures of the girls and of course while we werent paying any attention the girls grabbed onto each others hands!! I looked down and noticed what was going on so Casey quickly snapped a shot. It was SO precious and so cute! I am sure it was a coincidence but it was so cute to see those sweet little spirits holding hands. I am sure it wasnt long ago that they were friends in heaven and anticipating their arrivals here on Earth. What a blessing these beautiful baby girls are. Ruby is darling and I am so glad they are only a few months apart so that they can always be close cousins and friends! Thanks again Casey for having your camera :).

Sunday, June 26, 2011

..where is the time going???..

I CANT even believe that our little Hadlee Jo is going to be 12 weeks old. Everyone has told me to enjoy every second because time goes by quick and these babies grow up so fast... it is SO true. I had no idea how quick sleepless nights and exhausting days filled with poop, throw up, and feedings go!! However, I love every minute of being a mom. It is the most rewarding job I have ever had. Ive never been so busy but so happy.
Hadlee is changing every day. She loves smiling and being talked to. She is such a blessing in our lives and we are proud and grateful parents.